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ECOBOT Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converters

With ECOBOT, now manage your waste efficiently and economically through an environmentally conscious process. Convert Organic Food and Garden Waste into Soil Enricher automatically.


  • Converts waste to soil supplement in 24 hours

  • In-built High Strength Alloy Steel Shredder for crushing all forms of organic waste including vegetables, fruits, meats, small bones, egg shells and garden waste

  • Optional Online Monitoring system with Wifi/Cellular access through Mobile App and Web

  • Touch Screen for operation and monitoring

  • Complete stainless steel rust proof construction in select models

  • Inbuilt Moisture sensor and auto Power saving mode on process completion

  • Jacket heaters to provide even heating through the waste

  • Leak proof inlets and outlet

  • Compact design with Wheels for mobility


Step 1

Feed waste

Waste passes through In-built High strength shredder. Crushed waste enters Conversion chamber.

Step 2

Start Cycle

A simple turn of the switch puts the machine into Automatic conversion mode. Multiple inbuilt sensors maintain suitable temperature and moisture conditions. Process completes within 24 hours and enters Power saving mode.

Step 3

Remove Soil Enricher

A tap on the touchscreen puts the machine in unloading mode. The operator opens the outlet door and the finished soil enricher starts falling out automatically. ECOBOT is ready for next day's waste  

EB Fully Automatic Waste Converter Systems Models

Note: Dimensions may be subject to change as per periodic design update. Customized machines also offered on project basis.

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