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Multipurpose Shredder

Shreddobot High Strength Single Shaft Shredders

  • Suitable for Dry and Wet Service

  • Shred Plastic, Paper, Bags, Garden Waste, Coconuts, Agricutural Waste and Food Waste

  • Capacities available from 200-1000 kgs per hour

  • Robust industrial grade design

Organic Waste Shredder

Shreddobot DS Twin Shaft Organic Waste Shredders

  • Suitable for Wet Service

  • Crush Organic Waste including Vegetable waste, Fruit waste, Leaves, Fast food, Meat, Bones, egg shells etc.

  • Capacities available from 50-1500 kgs per hour

  • High strength 4140 alloy blades for long service life

  • Ideal for composting, bio-gas, animal feed

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