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GlassGO Glass to Sand Converter

Turn Empty Glass bottles to Sand in less than 10 Seconds!

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material. Unfortunately, less than one third of glass bottle are recycled today due to high breakages, hauling costs of empty bottles and lack of norms.
GlassGO is a gamechanger designed to make glass bottle recycling profitable for the consumer, collector as well as the recycler!

  • Simply Switch on and start putting the bottles

  • Works with Beer, Wine, Soft Drink and Syrup bottles

  • Achieves 95% Volume Reduction

  • End-product is a sand-like, soft to touch glass powder that can be used in construction as well as glass recycling

  • Suitable for Bars, Hotels, Resorts, Wineries, Recycling centers, Pharmaceutical companies and Liquor manufacturers

  • Capacity upto 400 bottles per hour. Accepts bottles upto 1 litre capacity

  • Safe and compact enough to install in the tightest of spaces indoors or outdoors

  • Can be operated by anyone. No special training required. 

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